Class Registration


Heinrichs Art Studio utilizes the oil paint, mediums and painting tools (brushes and knives) from Wilson Bickford's Signature line of oil painting products most often.  On occasion, we will use additional or alternate products and tools from other vendors as suited to the painting project.  Wilson Bickford oil paints are nontoxic.  We strive to use nontoxic materials wherever practical to do so.  Everyone is trained in the use of art materials to minimize any health risk involved in using these products.  Underage teens and children are supplied all nontoxic brush cleaner. The class environment includes  adequate ventilation and facilities are available to provide hand washing in soap and water.   We provide all paint, brushes, canvases, easels, and all accessory items needed to paint the project painting. Wilson Bickford products are available for purchase or order at each class.

Registration prior to attending a class as each class is required as it takes quite a bit of preparation for each student to package brushes and gather sufficient paint, brush cleaner, easels, and painting grounds.  Below is an option to pre-pay for the class and pre-payment will serve as registration to the selected event.  If payment is to be made at the class, please use the contact form on the Home Page to inform us you are attending.  You will be expected to complete the payment at the close of the class.  If, for some reason, you will be attending but cannot use the payment buttons or contact form, our telephone number is listed in the footer on the Home Page.  If you have paid to attend, but are unable to attend due to illness or other extenuating circumstance, your class will be refunded.  If you pay to attend but do not, other than illness or circumstance, the class payment is forfeited.


Our painting classes are structured to teach painting techniques to get beginners and artists through the learning curves for the skills they will need to paint their own original artwork. After attending each student is encouraged to apply their own creativity to come up with their own paintings. Our oil painting methods are “Fun & Fast” usually using quality Wilson Bickford Signature art products, for Wilson Bickford project paintings.  Other project paintings will use appropriate paints and techniques.   As we move ahead in the course, additional intermediate and advanced technique classes will be offered.

We strive to make our classes easy to attend and don’t require a big investment in equipment, paints, brushes, etc., to attend. Just bring yourself and have fun. You will learn art techniques and skills in addition to having a fun time and gathering some really nice paintings for yourself. If you have thought you could never paint, you can do it!

Typical Student Activity


Please note: When attending our classes, here are a few things which need your preparation:

  • Wear clothing that you wouldn’t mind getting paint on……or bring an apron. We do have a small selection of aprons you can borrow. Be aware the apron does not protect your entire clothing.
  • Bring a snack and something to drink with you. We typically take a short break approximately half way through for refreshment. In longer classes (6 or 8 hour classes), we will take a 10 minute break in the morning and a 10 minute break in the afternoon with a 20 minute lunch period, as time allows.
  • Bring your open mind and a willingness to have some fun learning new techniques in painting.


Single Class price is $25.00, for a standard 2 hour BEGINNING ACRYLIC PAINTING class and $45.00, for a standard 2 - 4 hour OIL or ACRYLIC PAINTING class.  For those who wish to enjoy several classes, we offer a 5- 4 hr. class OIL or ACRYLIC PAINTING package at $220.00 (Regularly $225.00).  Pre-registration is a requirement to attend a class, unless otherwise noted.

For those wishing to continue on an ongoing basis, we feature the Student Artist Appreciation Program.  Attend 10 classes at the regular price and the 11th class is free! (A 10% savings.)

Please note, Sales Tax is added to each class or package, also some classes may be scheduled as longer 6 or 8 hour classes.  The longer classes will be priced individually as, "Special Events."