About Us

Who we are

A Studio Who Loves People

We just love the look on a first time artist who has discovered how easy and how fun it is to learn to paint.  Yes, first time artists do take a painting home they are proud to hang.  We get much satisfaction in sharing our knowledge and techniques with artists of all levels as they move forward with their individual journey in fine art painting.  We have instructed students as young as 8 years old and of course, many adults.  We strive to create an friendly environment where even the beginners are at ease with experimenting with the techniques we are instructing, to the point they are moving ahead in their skill level without hardly realizing the steps they've taken.  We are here to help, explain, and demonstrate those painting techniques which have so long been mysteries.  We want you to enjoy the art journey.  We invite you to join us for a class an find out for yourself what a great experience it is to paint.  Our goal is to inspire our artists to the point they are creating their own original art pieces for their own enjoyment and profit.  How far an artist can go is limited only by their vision of where they would like to be.

New Studio Location Now Open

Our new headquarter location is in the city of Junction, Texas.  This city is located approximately two hours by auto, west of San Antonio, Texas.  We have opened our new studio facility at 627 Main St., Junction, TX, on January 2, 2020.  This facility includes a gallery, an art class room, our offices and an art supply outlet with selected art products.

We offer the same quality instruction and creative development for artists of all skill levels we have always given, including beginner to advanced classes in Oils and Acrylics.  In addition, we will be looking forward to presenting nationally known instructors in multi-day workshops, similar to the portrait workshop just completed in Sacramento, CA, with Valerie Stewart

We are looking forward to continuing the artistic journey and providing the means for others to enjoy the fun of fine art painting.

What we do

Keep it simple

We are often asked if it is possible for a beginner to complete our paintings, especially when a completed sample painting is on display in the class?  The answer is yes!  A painting is a collection of single strokes which when completed and taken together are called a "painting".  You see, most people can only do one stroke at a time.  So, we just add them up.........and it goes pretty fast!  We take the time to show how each type of stroke is completed in an easy to understand manner.  In other words, we simplify the painting process.  This is what Wilson Bickford means when he says to "paint smart, not hard".

Wanna see proof? Come join us at the next class!