Each year we provide instruction on new techniques of fine art painting. Here are some of the topics we cover

Safe Studio Practices

We provide instruction about the art material hazards artists are exposed to and how to use the art materials safely in our own studios.

Art Material Selection

We provide instruction on what paints to buy and why.  Also, what mediums to select for a specific effect in our artists paintings.

We Learn Art Tools

We provide instruction on what brushes to use for each specific effect.  Also, we learn what painting knives to select for our impasto work.

Painting Grounds

We provide instruction and experience on a variety of painting grounds to help artists make their own choice for their paintings.  Everything from stretched canvas to archival canvas panels to compressed fiber board.  We also instruct the students on the proper preparation of their grounds to accept paint.

Studio and Tool Clean Up

We provide instruction about the various products available for studio clean up and the techniques of getting the surfaces and tools clean for the artist's next project.

Art Painting Presentation

We provide instruction and demonstration in presenting art paintings from the use of beveled or gallery wrapped stretched canvases to framing a painting for maximum visual impact.

"There are no mistakes in painting, only adjustments which may be made by the artist to achieve the desired results."

Wilson R. Bickford


Heinrichs Art Studio's resident Professional Artist/Instructor

John G. Heinrichs

John G. Heinrichs, is our resident artist/instructor.  He has had many years as a self-representing artist in various galleries and art shows.  His awarded work represents many aspects of John's life from his youth as a backpacker in the Sierra Mountains of California, to visiting local parks and to his exploits in the Hawaiian Islands.  He derives inspiration from the environments around his treks into a variety of locations.  John is a certified instructor with Alexander Art (ACI) and with Wilson Bickford (WBTT).  Over the decades he has instructed many artists of all ages from pre-teen to elder adults with success.


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