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Based on painting of the same name by Wilson R. Bickford

Heinrichs Art Studio was started by professional artist John G. Heinrichs as the educational and instructional arm of his other artistic activities as Artist JGH.  In opening this studio, John has a vision of helping others learn the joy he experiences each time he is at the easel, painting. However, the negative things that prevented complete enjoyment was the fact the oil painting products commonly on the market are all very harmful to the body. John felt there had to be a better way for “first timers”, beginners, intermediate and advanced level artists to enjoy this fantastic activity without being inundated with health warnings about the products used to learn painting. It is much more fun to learn without having to remember to turn on the fan, open a window, wash your hands every time you handle this or that.

It became a mandate for John to research and test the nontoxic and “studio safe” products and to provide training in the use of “studio safe” products available and to use these products and training to provide a safe environment for artists to learn and have fun.

Thus was born the theme central to Heinrichs Art Studio.

Workshops and lessons are conducted using oil paints and oil painting products which are considered studio safe.  Instruction is given in the proper handling and use of paints and brush cleaners which in many cases may contain elements posing a risk to health if not handled properly.  Workshops given for children and teens are given using nontoxic brush cleaners and mediums.


Heinrichs Art Studio is a department of QC Design Art, Inc.  The corporation has been created to diversify the options of services provided by John G. Heinrichs.

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